Insurance Agents vs. Buying Direct

Why You'd Be Crazy To Buy Direct

Unless you've been hold up for the past few years in your apartment playing Second Life or have gone off the grid you most likely have seen those commercials with lizards, cartoon characters and colorful clerks peddling insurance. The attempt of these companies to make buying insurance more exciting than the product itself is understandable, but the effect of doing so could very well create complacent consumers not understanding the importance of having the right coverage before the right price. Let's face it insurance is not a glamorous product. People aren't shopping weekends for the latest insurance product and it's seldom a topic of conversation. That said, at the time of purchase it still needs careful attention and the lack of importance some direct writers portray auto insurance, or any insurance will, in my opinion, be problematic to some of their customers when they have an accident.

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Ordinance or Law Insurance - Essential part of home insurance

With building codes constantly changing Ordinance or Law Insurance is almost a must for every home owner and business

It was a devastating fire, but for any family suddenly evicted from their house by a fire it always is. For Jack this fire was even more devastating because since he bought the 1850's Victorian 10 years ago he had been meticulously restoring the beautiful home room by room.

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Do I Need Condo Insurance?

I just got off the phone with a potential client who, during our conversation, told me he didn't have a condo insurance policy because he no longer had a mortgage. I asked why he thought this way and he told me it was no longer necessary because he didn't have a mortgage and the bank no longer required it. After taking a deep breath out of concern I slowly explained the importance of a Condo Insurance policy whether or not you have a mortgage.

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Renters Insurance

At around $150 for a renters policy There Should Be No Question!

It was a long day at the office and after tucking in the kids I could finally answer the calls from my couch. It was late and the news was on. Another breaking story out of New Hampshire splashed on the screen.

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Flood Insurance & The Red Sox

Specifically - Why Flood Is Excluded From Your Home Insurance

Once in a great while when I'm at a social event I end up talking about insurance. Not intentionally, of course, but as much as insurance can be a boring topic it's also highly misunderstood; as I learned once again one night catching up with friends in Boston.

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