Twitter and Facebook Updates: Are you tipping off thieves?

While attending another provocative insurance company meeting my phone buzzes with excitement notifying me new email has arrived. For a moment I pull my attention from the speaker and reach in my pocket to retrieve my phone. Could it be the office? Nope, a friend of mine has notified me, via Facebook, that she just put in a load of laundry and plans on taking a nap. Why she thinks this is important social networking material fails to capture my understanding. Maybe she thinks it's funny? Is it domestic poetry? What ever the reason, it's not important, but does bring up a major concern I have regarding social networking and what we are willing to divulge about our daily lives to potential strangers; information that has become a growing cornucopia for burglars.

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Lately, a few inquiries have crossed my desk asking what exactly is dwelling insurance; more specifically what's the difference between dwelling and homeowners insurance. Luckily, this is a fairly easy thing to explain.

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2010 Top 10 Most Stolen Cars

Is Your Car On the "Most Stolen" List of 2010?

The new list is out! As we all know, there are many factors that influence how much we pay for car insurance. A major consideration for car insurance providers is whether your car is on the "Most Stolen" list. If your car happens to be on the frequently stolen list, chances are your insurance rates will go up. Check the list and see if you're at risk.

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Ice Dams

Ice dam removal & prevention tips for the homeowner

The recent barrage of snow storms this winter here in New England has taken its toll on everybody. I tried to hold out as much as I could, if not for me, at least for my kids; but what was left of that childhood excitement had quickly faded. Now I found myself waving my arms towards the snowy skies in disdain as an almost continuous band of snow storms dump foot after foot of snow onto our homes and driveways. it's bad enough to have to clear the driveway of snow each time, but I now find myself shoveling snow off the trampoline my wife and mother in-law, without my knowledge, graciously decided to surprise the kids with one day last summer. Trampoline? An insurance professional has a trampoline? Again, wife and mother in-law. Surprise. Graciously. Some things are just out of a Man's control.

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Fallen Trees and Homeowners Insurance - what's covered?

One afternoon this past spring I got a call from my wife that a neighbors' tree had fallen and landed in our yard. "What should I do?" she asked. "He has someone over right now cutting up the tree", she added. "What?!?", I replied. With my usual suspicions I quickly told my wife to take some pictures before the evidence was chopped up and carted away. I'm not saying my neighbor was trying to pull a fast one, but you never know and it's never a bad thing to cover yourself by taking photographs. Besides, does this guy not know what I do for a living?

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