Over 6.5 Million U.S. Homes At Risk of Storm Surge Flood Damage

Is Your Home At Risk of Flood or Wind Damage by a Hurricane?

A recent 2014 study by Corelogic  estimates that over 6.5 million homes across the United States Atlantic and Gulf coast are at severe risk of substantial storm flood and wind damage. Most of the risk is within 15 metro areas. In fact, according to the report, of the nearly $1.5 trillion in potential loss to residential homes, over $986 billion is within these 15 metro areas.


Florida and Texas rank at the top of most vulnerable with New Hampshire and D.C with the least chance of severe flood and wind damage by a hurricane.

Massachusetts ranks 8th according to Corelogic 2014 storm surge analysis report. For Massachusetts, Corelogic estimates 31,000 single family homes are at extreme risk for flood and wind damage caused by a hurricane, 65,000 (single family homes) at very high risk, 73,781 at high risk and nearly 49,000 at moderate risk.

Whats more, the report shows that reconstruction costs along the Atlantic coast is much higher than any other part of the country. However, the Northeast carries a disproportionate higher cost to rebuild compared to the rest of the country and so this difference is not accurate across all parts of the Atlantic coast.  

Though the 2014 hurricane season is estimated to be below -normal compared to previous seasons, we all know that the prediction of season severity is not a perfect science! As a matter of fact, our first hurricane of the season hit landfall (North Carolina) earlier than any other in recorded history. It could be a worrying sign as to what's to come this year and the next several years as questions continue as to whether or not global warming and weather patterns are changing our weather for the worst.

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*This article is based on Corelogics 2014 storm surge report.

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