Long Term Care - what you need to know to get started

With trying to save for retirement, kids college tuition and paying the mortgage Long Term Care (LTC) insurance is just another item on the list most people know is important, but just don't want to think about. However, we spend more than half our lives working and trying to build wealth. If you or your significant other where to become ill at an earlier age during retirement that collected wealth could be in jeopardy of being decimated within only a few years. What about Medicare? The biggest you could make is to rely on Medicare to cover your long term care expenses. In fact, it covers very little, extremely limited and doesn't provide financial support for the numerous tasks you do on a daily basis, but might not be able to because of an injury or sickness.

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Over 6.5 Million U.S. Homes At Risk of Storm Surge Flood Damage

Is Your Home At Risk of Flood or Wind Damage by a Hurricane?

A recent 2014 study by Corelogic  estimates that over 6.5 million homes across the United States Atlantic and Gulf coast are at severe risk of substantial storm flood and wind damage. Most of the risk is within 15 metro areas. In fact, according to the report, of the nearly $1.5 trillion in potential loss to residential homes, over $986 billion is within these 15 metro areas.

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5 Ways People Overpay For Auto Insurance

There's probably more than 5 ways people over pay for auto insurance in Massachusetts and probably in other states other than Massachusetts, but for now all I can come up with is five. Okay, let's say the following is the top 5 ways people pay to much for Massachusetts auto insurance.

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5 Ways To Save On Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance rates vary by hundreds of dollars from company to company. Fortunately the Internet has made comparing multiple homeowners quotes as easy and non-committing as finding car insurance. As you review your homeowners insurance and compare quotes, use the five following tips fully take advantage of your potential savings.

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