Commercial Umbrella

No matter what business you’re in, the potential for liability exists in every aspect of your operations. In addition to causing financial loss, such claims can damage your hard-earned reputation and affect your ability to compete. Liberty Mutual general liability coverage helps protect your business from liability claims.

Umbrella Liability provides coverage over & above limits of the insureds "primary" policies.

The Umbrella policy states that the coverage provided will always be at least as broad as that of the required underlying policies, when insured by Holyoke Mutual. Umbrella liability provides excess coverage over and above the limits of an insured's primary policies such as: BOP, CPP, Commercial Auto, and Workmens Compensation.


The main purpose of this policy is to protect the business owner who has significant assets. Umbrella liability coverage can provide protection in certain cases when primary policies might not. When an Umbrella policy acts like a primary policy, the policyholder must first assume a retained limit (deductible) amount before coverage begins. Umbrella liability offers:

  • Coverage in $1 million increments up to $20 million.
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