Business Interruption or Business Income Insurance

If Disaster Strikes Do You Have The coverage To Continue Business As Usual?

If suddenly your business was devastated by a fire, flood, hurricane or other natural or man-made disaster are you capable of keeping your business afloat until you can repair the damage? How would you continue to operate and pay your bills? Business interruption insurance protects your business from loss of income and will cover the day-to-day operating expenses until your business is back on track.

Business Interruption Insurance is one of the most important coverages you could buy. When looking to purchase Business Interruption Insurance, which is usually attached to a Property Insurance policy, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • How much income do you need to continue operating your business in the event of a shutdown of your premises?
  • How quickly will the policy become active after you report an incident?
  • Will you need additional coverage for extra expenses such as leasing temporary office space, computer equipment or office machines?

In Play Scenerio

If a fire on your business premises forces you to close your doors, business interruption insurance will cover your lost profits and/or earnings until you're able to reopen your business.



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