Landscapers Insurance

Landscapers carry special risk and require a special package of insurance products to protect them from those risks. Our access to the largest and best insurance companies available allows us to provide the best products in a superior package. Below is a list of the most popular insurance products we offer in our SteelePac© insurance packages.


Available Coverage

Our SteelePac© program gives you the flexibility to choose coverage's you need without paying for the ones you don't.

Building Coverage
Protects your building and on-site structures, machinery, equipment, floor coverings, outdoor furniture, garages, fences and additions under construction.
Business personal property
Protects business personal property, such as furniture, fixtures, machinery or personal property of others that is in your care.
Installation Floater
Provides temporary property insurance to protect the value of labor and landscaping materials of the work in progress in the event that it is damaged by theft, vandalism, fire, windstorm, etc. Coverage starts while the materials are in transit to the jobsite and ends once the job is completed or the owner accepts the work.
Tools & Equipment
This coverage protects landscaping equipment and tools equipment used at a job site of equipment from damage or theft. Landscapers equipment insurance can also apply to equipment used in other areas such as the extraction and removal of natural resources, logging, mining, and port facilities.
Business Auto
Covers damage to your vehicle(s), damage to the property of others and injury to those involved in an accident.
General Liability
Covers medical expenses, attorney fees and damages when you’re legally responsible.
Medical Payments
Covers medical bills of people injured on your property or as result of your operations. Unlike other liability coverage's this one pays out immediately and without determination of fault.
Workers Compensation
Covers medical cost for an injured employee. Also may pay out partial lost wages if injury causes employee to take time from work.
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