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Small Business, Mid size or Large we can help with customized business insurance packaged solutions

In today's uncertain economic times cutting costs is a businesses top priority. As a small business we completely understand the need to keep costs down. However, as an insurance company we stress the importance of not increasing exposure to risk by compromising your insurance protection.

  • 92% Business Retention Rate
  • 77% of businesses we quote we write
  • A Choice of 35 Insurance Companies
  • Over 100 Years Combined Insurance Experience
  • Protecting Our Clients Since 1867

At Carroll K. Steele Insurance we provide our clients the best in price without reducing insurance protection and we have been doing it successfully since 1867. We do so by providing both expert insurance advice and choice. What does this mean to you and your business? Well, whether you're a small business or a $5 million dollar operation our relationship with over 35 insurance companies provides choice in various insurance for business programs no matter the size of your company. It is up to you to provide the characteristics of your company, but in the end we can help you streamline business insurance costs without compromising coverage.

What Makes Us Different

There are several reasons why it's better to seek insurance protection for your business through an independent agency like Carroll Steele Insurance, rather than directly through an insurance company. One reason is choice. Direct companies only have a handful of products and with them comes one price. As an independent insurance company we offer a variety of insurance products, programs and exclusive package programs through the 35 insurance companies we work with. Furthermore, our membership with The Renaissance Group enables us to offer these products as well as expert business risk and analysis services once only the big insurance companies could offer. What does this mean to you? Choice. A choice of products and discounts specific to your business. A choice and selection of special package programs for contractors, banks, bakeries and hundreds more industries.


But what makes us even better is our ability to offer the best products available without compromising service. Unlike a large insurance company we are able to maintain a one on one personal relationship with our clients. We consider ourselves as a partner when it comes to our clients and our clients know that when they need us we are here for them. That's probably why on average we have retained 92% of our clients.

We don't just sell insurance we provide professional expert insurance advice, guidance and support for our clients - and we have been doing it successfully since 1867.

How Much Does Business Insurance Cost?

One of the most common questions is "How much does business insurance cost?" Well, unfortunately there is no easy answer and depends on your specific business. In general, however, most companies need at least Business Liability insurance, Workers' Compensation insurance, and most likely commercial auto insurance. After that the options of insurance for business varies depending on your business type, size and scope. The good news is our site is chock full of information to help you determine what insurance you might need for your business. Our goal is to get you closer to answering that question of how business insurance you need!

SteelePac business insurance program

Our exclusive SteelePac business insurance packages provide an unprecedented opportunity for your business to purchase insurance coverage tailored to your specific business needs. We'll sit down with you to understand your business and then custom tailor an insurance package that fits your specific business needs. It may be made of Steele, but it's very flexible!

insGuard Business Insurance comparison program

Our exclusive insGuard free business insurance audit program for existing and voluntary companies. We conduct a yearly review and provide a summarized business insurance report of existing coverage's, discovered gaps in insurance, recommendations of coverage and a cost comparison quote. The insGuard report is provided automatically every year unless participation is ended by you. There's no obligation and no sales calls.

See why 77% of the companies we quote end up a Carroll Steele Insurance client. Click here for a sample of the report.

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